Zero emission

We aim to become a synaptic corporate entity that achieve community development, resource sustainability and the prosperity of our customers, specializing in environmental waste, renewable energy and issues related to food, water and agriculture by providing unique environmental technology and services from a global perspective.

The advancement of the IT industry and transportation networks has brought Japan and the rest of the world closer together than ever before.
The world’s economies and resources are interlocked in such a way that we can no longer think only about our own country.

Now that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been implemented internationally, our conventional values must be innovated.

We must shift our perspective, turn our attention to the entire globe, and act as members of the Spaceship Earth.

We have a solid technology that has been cultivated for more than three decades. This is what we are proud of.
We have carbonization equipment, gasification equipment, and wood biomass power-generation equipment. We can also incorporate superior technologies of other companies and promote services that utilize such technologies.

We can promote local production for local consumption as concerns grow over the environment, energy and food. We will do so from perspectives of resource, environment, economy and culture in cooperation with local governments and the national government in Japan and elsewhere.

The world is moving away from mass-production and mass- consumption toward an era of high value-added production and consumption in appropriate quantities.

This applies not only to manufactured products but also to energy as we create a model that allows for a sustainable society. We will effectively utilize regional resources, convert waste into resources, generate energy in small amounts, and make effective use of waste heat and carbon dioxide. We will also find value in primary industries such as forestry and agriculture, and create jobs in depopulated areas.

We are more than a mere business enterprise. We must act as members of the Spaceship Earth for the sake of our future children. We will keep sending out signals as if we were the Earth’s brain cells and contribute to the prosperity of our clients while collaborating with others as a dispersed corporate entity rooted in the local community.

Board Chairman Seiichi Mizuno CEO Kohei Matsushita