Machine of a biomass gas engine.

We manufacture and sell biomass power generation equipment, carbonization equipment, semi-carbonization equipment, and more.

Biomass power generation uses wood biomass such as construction waste and thinned wood, as well as waste such as food waste and food processing residues, as fuel. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Energy recycling

    By reusing materials that would normally be discarded as fuel, biomass power generation contributes to reducing environmental impact from a resource circulation perspective.

  2. Weather-independent power generation

    Since it is not affected by weather, biomass power generation can secure a more stable power generation compared to other natural energies such as solar and wind power.

  3. Reduction in CO2 emissions

    While emitting carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of plants and animals during the power generation process, this is part of a renewable cycle. It is possible to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during combustion compared to other fossil fuels.

  4. Support for the local economy

    Biomass power generation can support local industries such as agriculture and forestry. For example, by turning agricultural waste and debris into energy, new sources of income can be generated for local agriculture and communities, leading to economic revitalization.

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We also offer proposals for optimal introduction tailored to the industry and facility environment of product companies and various organizations. Please feel free to contact us for consultation.


Summary of our activities

We have been engaged in consulting service for several hundred companies in conjunction with the environmental field so far.
We utilize information, knowledge and know-how accumulated by the results and experiences to the maximum, and create business of the field of new environment with clients.

Overview diagram of consulting: Planning new environmental businesses/services for private companies, and consulting for government agencies and related organizations.

Characteristic of our services

The knowledge of a very wide field and solution are pursued in the environmental field.
At our ZE Energy Inc., the expert with experience of various types of industry provides the consulting services to catch the needs of the client precisely and achieve the purpose together.

  1. Professional supports in every field

    Energy, waste recycling, CO2 and every field of environment.

  2. Abundant supported results

    The consulting results more than ten cases per year

  3. Overseas activity

    Global development based on the activity results in North America, Europe and a large area in Asia


Three services to deliver peace of mind and safety to our customers.

We provide three services to cope with a trouble and the maintenance in the case of an emergency.
We prepare various insurance plans such as PL insurance and the earthquake disaster insurance corresponding to every trouble to surround your office including electrical and mechanical accident. In addition, we have the maintenance system in case of trouble.

Bond insurance is fully prepared if disaster and damage occur.

We have the insurance plan such as PL insurance and the earthquake disaster insurance corresponding to the biomass generation system. We would be pleased to make suggestion in line with the demand of the clients.

  • Fire

  • Lightning strike

  • Explosion

  • Windstorm

  • Hailstorm, Snowstorm

  • Flood

  • Falling, flying, or colliding objects from outside the building

  • Earthquake

Maintenance System for Peace of Mind

We immediately rush to deal with problems occurring anywhere in the country. We also provide remote operation and maintenance support in distant areas.

The ZE Energy Backup System

Providing a consistent backup system for customers' carbonization and power generation systems, including system design, equipment design by ZE Energy Co., Ltd., and maintenance/inspection by ZE Service Co., Ltd.

From Japan to the World, An Overseas Network Spreading the Circle of Recirculation

It is no longer possible to discuss action against climate change in terms of the interests of individual countries.
There is an urgent need for action on a global scale. ZE Energy has run an operation trial on the first biomass power generation system in Japan, which we installed, and has used the results to begin exports to the USA. In future we plan to expand our operations to Europe, South America, Asia and around the world.
We will carry on working with local partners as we strive to improve the environment in many countries.

Diagram of partner bases around the world: Japan, United States, Poland, China, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore.