ZE Energy Inc.(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and individual numbers (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information, etc.”) and will endeavor to ensure the protection of the Personal Information, etc. according to the following policy without fail.

  1. The Company will comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of the Personal Information, etc. and other practical guidelines under such laws and regulations and this Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Laws, etc.”) and will take appropriate measures to prevent the impairment of interests worthy of the protection of the information providers.
  2. When the Company collects the Personal Information, etc. from customers, it will clarify and disclose the purpose of collection in advance and collect the Personal Information, etc. only to the extent of the said purpose, and will not use the Personal Information, etc. for anything other than the said purpose. The Company will not provide the Personal Information, etc. to any third party, in principle; however, if it is necessary for the performance of business, the Personal Information, etc. may be provided to a third party upon the satisfaction of the requirements under the Laws, etc. The Company will handle the individual numbers only to the extent specified under laws and regulations. In addition, disclosure will be made by publication on the homepage and other means.
  3. The Company will appoint a manager to handle the Personal Information, etc., take security control measures and supervise the employees and contractors. In addition, the Company will provide a contact for responses to opinions, questions, complaints, etc. from customers (*1) and endeavor to ensure a prompt and appropriate response.
  4. The Company will recognize the importance of the Personal Information, etc. at all times and take reasonable security, corrective and preventive measures in terms of organization, technology and personnel against unauthorized access or loss, destruction, alteration, leak or any other risks of the Personal Information, etc.
  5. The Company will establish and announce the procedures for the information providers to request the disclosure, correction and suspension of the use of their own Personal Information, etc., among others, and take actions to reflect the intentions of customers in the treatment of the Personal Information, etc. to the extent specified under the Laws, etc. In addition, upon the receipt of a request for disclosure of whether or not the Company has an individual number, the Company will provide an answer about it. The procedures for requests for disclosure, correction and suspension of use, among others, will be published on the homepage.
  6. The Company will comply with the Laws, etc. and the internal rules as well as review and improve the system for the management of the protection of the Personal Information, etc. continuously by paying close attention to the movements of society at all times.

ZE Energy Inc.
C.E.O. Kohei Matsushita

[Contact for Treatment of the Personal Information, etc.]
Manager in charge of contact for inquiries about the Personal Information, etc.
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Date of Establishment: December 1, 2015

Purpose of Use

The Company will use the Personal Information, etc. that it obtains for the following purposes

  1. Response to requests for estimates and consultations and delivery of materials;
  2. Shipment of ordered products;
  3. Provision of information about seminars and various products and services;
  4. Identity verification;
  5. Notice of the Company’s business activities and merchandise, among others;
  6. Conduct of market research, data analysis, questionnaires and other similar activities;
  7. Consideration of new business expansion, product development, etc.;
  8. Management of personnel information;
  9. Performance of work outsourced by other business operators, etc.;
  10. Performance of work that the Company outsources to other business operators;
  11. Incidental work necessary for the achievement of the purposes described in Items 1. to 7. above; and
  12. Notwithstanding the purposes of use of personal information set forth in the respective Items above, the individual numbers shall be used only to the extent of the related laws and regulations.