December 1, 2015
ZE Energy Inc.

ZE Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) hereby declares the following basic policy to prevent damage caused by groups or individuals (so-called anti-social forces) who pursue economic interests through violence, coercion, and fraudulent means.

  1. The Company will completely sever all relationships, including business transactions, with anti-social forces. Additionally, the Company will reject violent or unreasonable demands (hereinafter ‘unreasonable demands’) from anti-social forces and will make systematic efforts to eliminate them in order to ensure the interests of investors and shareholders and the safety of employees.
  2. The Company will collaborate with external specialized institutions such as the police and lawyers to prepare for the elimination of anti-social forces.
  3. The Company will not comply with any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces and will take legal action from both civil and criminal aspects.
  4. The Company will not engage in any backdoor transactions to conceal cases of unreasonable demands by anti-social forces, even if the demands are based on incidents or misconduct in business activities or among employees.
  5. The Company will not provide any funds to anti-social forces.
  6. In the event that transactions with anti-social forces or suspicious transactions are discovered, the Company will immediately terminate or cancel contracts.

End of statement.