“Clothes Pencil” was featured on TV.

“Clothes Pencil” was featured on TV.

The “Clothes Pencil,” which uses charcoal carbonized in our carbonization equipment, was introduced on the following TV programs:

– August 8th (Tuesday) 22:58 – Tulip TV “News 6”
– August 31st (Thursday) 13:10 – Kitanihon Broadcasting “VISION the TOYAMA”
– September 2nd (Saturday) 13:30 – Nippon TV “Kintore”
– September 18th (Monday) 11:45 – TV Asahi “ANN News”
– September 26th (Tuesday) 23:58 – TV Tokyo “Midori wo Tsunagu Hito”

The Clothes Pencil was commissioned by the clothing manufacturer “Miyamori.” Scraps of clothing such as gym uniforms were carbonized in our carbonization equipment to make pencil cores, which were then finished as pencils by a stationery manufacturer. By carbonizing textile scraps that were previously incinerated, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the future, ZE Energy will continue to contribute to CO2 reduction through the reuse of charcoal.